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Most famous real time strategy games

It is difficult to imagine a top of real time strategy games without Warcraft 3. Or did not listen to friends’ stories who were able to download it on a PC. And if we talk about the time of release, it is more likely to buy a disc in the transition. Another example of the quality of Blizzard games. This project became the basis for World of Warcraft, gave the world the phenomenon of DotA. And divided the history of the series into “before” and “after”.

Compared to the first parts of the series, the game brought a phenomenal level of development into the real time strategy games genre. The change of day and night with the skills and behavior of units depending on it, a huge number of animations, masterpiece voice acting. A variety of factions added depth to the gameplay, each with its own unique style of play and resource extraction. In addition, the game appeared heroes, their pumping and neutral monsters on the maps. Often, they guard useful buildings that sell power-ups for buildings or units.

With the plot, everything was so good that even in 2019, he did not go out of his head for many. The classic story of the end of the world is a set of very high quality. The campaign is equipped with such epic videos between missions that few had to talk about its common platitudes. The stories of the original game, as well as the additions of Frozen Throne, gave the world Jain, Thrall, Illidan and other cult characters. Many of them have very real chances to get even to the screens of the cinema in the continuation of the film “Warcraft”.

World War – Company of Heroes 2

Continuing our list of real time strategy games, projects that have survived the current market. These are live multiplayer strategies and ongoing developer support. And the first of these games is a game on the theme of the Second World War – Company of Heroes 2. “Historicity of the plot” swept through the Russian-language Internet with a series of scandals, survived several attempts to ban, but all this does not prevent it from being one of the best strategies of our time.

If your list of requirements for real time strategy games includes live multiplayer, then at the moment it is also available. Network battles are presented in several modes and include many modern trends. For example, there is pumping and bought generals, changing the behavior of your army. The gameplay is running around points, taking strategic positions and other joys that are native to RTS fans. If the theme of World War II does not scare you away, then you have only one option – this is Company of Heroes 2.

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